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rock star application

Want to be a Rock House Rock Star?

Conditions of Eligibility 

The Rock House Rock Stars are my specially selected team of sponsored riders and are ambassadors of my brand to the equestrian community. Team athletes enjoy full sponsorship of all Rock House Couture products. Each Rock Star will receive all Rock House Couture products that apply to their particular showing needs. Rock Star sponsorships  are awarded for one horse show season at a time.  Each season lasts one calendar year and will begin the date sponsorship is granted to each Rock Star.  Rock House Rock Stars must not be sponsored by other companies which sell similar products to those furnished by Rock House Couture including stock ties, horse bonnets, and shadbelly points to be eligible. All products given to each Rock Star are specifically designed for them alone to showcase and must not be given, or lent to anyone unless specific permission has been given by Rock House Couture prior to the transaction.  Rock Stars are required to wear furnished Rock House Couture products during competition whenever possible and promote said products via all available media, and word of mouth.  Appropriate social and sportsman like conduct is necessary for all Rock Star as Rock Stars are representing the Rock House Couture brand. The Rock House Couture reserves the right to revoke sponsorship at any time if I determine the above commitments are not upheld.  Those applying for sponsorship must agree to the sponsorship conditions to be eligible.


Can You Hang? Apply Below!

Please include the following  in your application:

  • Riding dicipline

  • Location of home riding stable and all show grounds at which you  regularly complete

  • How often you normally compete (barring injury or unforseeable complications)

  • Social media links (must have Instagram and Facebook. Additional social media is a plus)

  • Background and riding history (how long have you been riding, have you ridden in other diciplines aside from your current one)

  • Competition goals (realistic competition strategy for the near future)

Thanks! Message sent.

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