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Ready to wear fancy masks are here! This collection of one of a kind fancy masks is hand sewn with every attention to detail. These adjustable face masks are perfect to match your stock ties for show day, or just dress up your daily outfits for  safe social distancing.  Complete with filter pockets,  they are washable just like your stocks, and light enough to be comfortable in the summer heat.  Scroll down to see the complete ready to wear collection.

Stay safe and stylish!


essential masks for essential workers program

Those of you who follow my social media may have seen the complimentary masks I've been making and giving away to essential workers since the beginning of lockdown.  It's been my way of giving back to the people who have been working hard to keep us going during this crazy year.


Each fancy mask you purchase helps to support this effort. The more masks I sell, the more masks I'm able to gift to everyone on the front lines helping us get through the pandemic. Shop the collection below to help me help the people who are helping all of us.

Shop The Collection

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