Glam Rock is my line of all things glam for your animals. Like my couture  stock ties and bonnets, the Glam Rock collection is always hand made with impeccable focus on design and detail. You'll find original boutique pieces to keep your furry family at their finest.

Pet Portrait Groomers

Keep your fur baby looking their best while...looking at your fur baby!  These groomers feature hand painted portraits created by me in acrylics on wood sealed for daily use.  Send me a clear photo of your furry (or scaley) friends, choose between a flick brush, a curry groomer, or a paddle brush and I'll do the rest. Message me to order.


These are great for shedding season! They work well on cats, dogs, horses, goats-anyone with hair that needs removing. Molded wooden handle is comfortable, palm sized and fits well in hand for long or short grooming sessions.


Horse people know a good flick brush is indispensable to get that surface dirt off to get that spic and span look.  Large sized brushes are acrylic on wood. Ask me what color bristles I have in stock when ordering


These are for the kids with long hair. Tails and manes (human and horse) benefit from these.  Perfect for pet moms or dads who want to brush their own hair with a beautiful portrait of their pet as well.

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